Our Esens’ALL Tasting Menus

Bask in a gastronomic symphony where each seasonal dish is a veritable work of art designed by Chef Laurent Pichaureaux  tawaken your senses and touch your soul.
At Esens’ALL, cooking goes above and beyond mere culinary preparation: it is a form of artistic expression. Every ingredient, flavor and texture is carefully selected by the Chef to create an exceptional sensory experience that transcends simple tasting.
Menus are created using local, organically grown produce and are the result of a profoundly creative process. Our gourmet cuisine is an invitation to explore a palette of original flavors and combinations.
Each seasonal menu is designed to capture the essence of cuisine itself, to tell a story through the dishes and to awaken a deep emotion in our guests.
Discover the different options on offer:
Menu "État pur" in 5 courses:   78€
Menu" Élément" in 7 courses:    96€
Wine pairing of 3 glasses ( 12cl/each):   32€
Wine pairing of 4 glasses ( 12cl/each):   42€
Non-alcoholic pairing of 3 glasses (14cl/each):   25€
At Esens’ALL, there is no set menu and no a la carte. Chef Laurent Pichaureaux invites you on a spontaneous culinary voyage guided by the seasons and his inspiration.
In his culinary laboratory, he is constantly exploring, learning and refining the art of infusing, distilling, macerating and decocting flowers to enhance his culinary creations. Fresh flowers and herbs have pride of place in his signature cuisine, adding a unique taste dimension.
Each organic menu is developed according to the Chef’s inspiration and the seasons. This creative approach means that our gourmet dishes cannot, unfortunately, be adapted to suit all dietary constraints. However, we strongly encourage you to let us know of any special requests when reserving. Our team will do its utmost to tailor your dining experience to meet your expectations.
We are also proud to say that all our meats and fish are of French origin, guaranteeing the quality and authenticity of each gourmet dish.
Each gourmet menu is a series of exceptional creations, both daring and sensitive, designed to surprise, amaze and delight you with an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
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